BCTEXAS Business Consultants of Texas
Welcome to BCTEXAS!

We help small businesses solve problems; including those involving computers, processes, procedures, work-flow, organizing, streamlining, etc.

We bring decades of real-world experience to the table, and we're willing to work with outside experts when and where necessary.

Our point of view is different from others in the field.

If there is more than one way to solve a given problem, we will bring them all to the table and review them with you together.

This approach allows you to make a more informed decision than you might have been able to make otherwise.

Please call and let's start working together to find the right solutions for your problems!


Business Consulting

  • Data/Info Proofing/Cleanup
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Organization & Streamlining
  • Processes & Procedures
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Research (Various Types)
  • Overall Problem Solving
PC/IT Consulting
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • On-Call or As-Needed
  • General Issues
  • PC Desktops & Workstations
  • PC Hardware & Software
  • PC Networks & Servers
  • Overall Problem Solving

832-353-4470 - Mike
832-812-9929 - Terry


Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

However, we also try to match your office / work hours for maximum availability and overall convenience.

After hours, weekends, holidays and emergency service available.

Projects outside Houston & surrounding areas welcome.

Rates and Payment

Rates are negotiated based on the type and complexity of the job or project.

It could be as little as $10/hour or as much as $100+/hour.

Payment is due at the time of service.

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